The AI chatbot that is trained
on your data in minutes

It's like having your own dedicated assistant to answer visitor's questions with a chatbot that is trained on the content of your website. No coding experience needed.


View Your Chatbot History

Be able to view the chat history of your chatbot and your website visitors.

Analyze Your Visitors -
Be able to analyze your website visitors and understand their behavior. Understand your customer's desires and needs.
Improve Your Chatbot -
Be able to improve your chatbot by analyzing the chat history of your chatbot and your website visitors
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Train Your Chatbot

Train your AI chatbot by uploading URL links, PDF files, sitemaps, and more. It's like having your own personal assistant working around the clock.

URL Links
Copy and paste URL links to train your chatbot based on the content of the webpage.
File Uploads
Upload PDF files, TXT files, CSV files, and more to train your chatbot.
If you have a sitemap, you can use it to train your chatbot.
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Feature Newly Added

Real-Time Live Chat

Chat with your customers in real-time. Answer their questions and provide support instantly.

Get Notified
Receive email notifications when a customer wants to chat with a real person. Never miss a message again.
Capture Leads
Receive the website visitor's email address and name before they start chatting with you.
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